A New Areopagus : Attending Cebu Blog Camp 3

It was in Areopagus that St.Paul boldly engaged the intellectuals of the known world. Taking the cue from a naive religious manifestation of the Greeks (putting up an altar to an Unknown God), he explains why this aspiration actually find its fulfillment in Christ and the Gospels.  Since then, Areopagus has been seen as the 
field in which a Christian boldly engages in dialogue with the thinkers of the world, in defense of the truth and the Gospels.

St.Paul's speech happened some 2000 years ago. We are now in the digital age; new media has become the new Areopagus. It was no less than John Paul II who saw modern media as the new Areopagus "where Christian ideas needed to be explained and defended anew."

This is one of my motivation for putting up this blog.  And while I'm at it, I may as well try to do it as well as I could: getting new ideas, looking at things from different perspectives, learning by interacting with other bloggers.  These are the things that I hope to be able to do in attending Cebu Blog Camp 3, which happens on November 30 at the Cebu International Convention Center. Hope to meet many fellow bloggers there, as well as blog readers.