Artificial Intelligence is Love

Artificial Intelligence is Love.
Below is a proof in 5 simple steps.

 Artificial Intelligence is AI (substitution by initials)
AI is あい (substitution by hiragana)
あい is 愛 (substitution by kanji)
愛 is Love (substitution by semantics)
Artificial Intelligence is Love (iterative transitivity)

How does an Artificial Intelligence major confess his love?
He says: I do AI - AIしている (AI shiteiru).
This means "I do AI - I love you".  Below is the context.

"I do AI" in Japanese is AIをしている (read "AI wo shiteiru" )。(Apparently, Japanese also uses AI to refer to Artificial Intelligence.) To make the sentence sound casual, the particle を (wo) could be dropped, making it AIしている (AI shiteiru).  Now "AI shiteru" could be interpreted as "I do AI" (AIしている - AI shiteru) or "I love you" (愛 している- ai shiteiru). This is because "AI" could be read as "AI" which stands for Artificial Intelligence or "ai" (愛  - あい), the Japanese word for love.